Our Story

Shona and Shari
Unforgettable Buttercrunch lovingly recreated by Shari and Shona.

Unforgettable Buttercrunch began in a small suburban Montreal kitchen over 30 years ago. Our mother began ‘Candy by Carol’ as a labour of love for family and friends, which eventually grew into a small chocolate and candy business with product sold at Christmas markets and craft fairs. Each day at a craft show meant sold-out product with customers looking for more than was available.

Carol’s unique buttercrunch recipe meant that she could not make it fast enough for all the orders coming in, so she would have to call for reinforcements. In came the grandparents from Ottawa and her teenage daughters who became ad hoc chocolatier apprentices! Calls would come in during the wee hours from people overseas who had been gifted this decadent candy and needed another taste. Our kitchen became an assembly line of sweet-savoury treats with our dad joyfully tasked as quality control officer. Carol strove for excellence in every batch and wielded her wooden spoon with military precision...as perfection was the only option in all things chocolatey and almond-covered in our home.

Carol’s secret recipe was passed down to us in matching binders with handwritten notes that were sometimes deliberately vague and other times amusingly frank. We carried on in our mother’s memory by making buttercrunch to give as holiday gifts every year on December 5th, Carol’s birthday. That day began to be known as “Buttercrunch Day” and a new tradition began as our tribute to our mom.

With constant demand and unrelenting encouragement from family and friends, we decided to continue where our mom left off. We are Carol’s daughters, and we invite you to enjoy her legacy – an unforgettable experience of flavour, tradition, integrity and most importantly, LOVE in every mouthful.