Carol's legacy is assured in her daughters' hands! This buttercrunch is simply put...HEAVENLY! A delicate and genuine treat for the senses. Has been given as corporate as well as personal gifts and is a success every time!! You need to resist keeping it for yourself!

Tanya, Montreal

“I am so proud of Shari and Shona for continuing to honour their wonderful mother Carol and sharing her fabulous buttercrunch with us all! Over the years, it was introduced to our many friends and family members, and we all became accustomed to this delicious indulgence. I have tried and searched for something similar, but nothing compares to Carol's recipe."

Lisa Discepola, Toronto

Ethereal! Delicious! Brilliant!
Ever since sampling Candy by Carol buttercrunch , this has become my go to gift giving item for both family and clients. Why? The flavour combination here is perfect without being overly sweet. Kudos to the MacDonald sisters!

Evan Saviolids, Quench Magazine
Wineavvy Consultants

“The term “Unforgettable” in italics above Buttercrunch is too true. I literally can’t ever forget about it. I love it and want to congratulate you on a GREAT product. Gold star. Keep up the good work.”

Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery

Candy by Carol Buttercrunch is a favourite in my household and with my friends and clients. I regularly receive emails from my clients telling me how much they love this product. The only problem is that you can’t stop eating it once the bag is open. It is the best!

Scott Munro

“I bought 8 bags before Xmas and gave them out as stocking stuffers and small gifts. Everyone raved! It is beyond regular delicious. It’s the “I’m sad I’m eating the last bite” kind of delicious. Try it. I promise you’ll love it!”

Corey Collard,Pointe-Claire,Qc